Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pretty Pictures

I'm a bit shattered myself. The picture shows part of what happened during last night's riot in Mingerton. Being work related I cannot say too much but it was not a pleasant experience for anyone. I don't know who lobbed the stone that smashed my rear window but I'd bet a week's wages* he/she was a child. A feral child.

What kind of parents allow children (some as young as four) to be out when things like that are going on? And they must have known there was a situation going on in the estate for the riot police were out in force.

After the PSNI removed a couple of key characters (for their own safety) I was able to get Bert in to drive my car home to the safety of Cully. I wish he could have taken me home to safety too.

Back on the home front - Harry de Cat 1 Rats 0

Nellybert and the dogs are going camping now so we'll have some proper pretty pictures to post later.

*As if I could afford to bet a week's wages. It'll take that to fix the back window of the Fiesta.


Ronni said...

Are riots a common occurrence there? You sound so matter-of-fact about it! I'd be whimpering in the corner with my blankie! I hope you weren't in that car when it got whacked!

ed said...

Sweet Jeebus. I hope it was just (just, he sez) property that got damaged. Would work not think to cover that sort of thing as a business expense?

jazzthefunk said...

Mary, im so sorry bout that duK, such a hastle. Dont let em get yer down, your lovely their not. Just sorry bout the expense and hastle for u.

jazzthefunk said...

By the way, if yer need a lift anywhere mary whilst your off dee road giz a bell, twud be a pleasure

Caroline said...

Wee louts are everywhere. My car got done a couple of times while I lived in Downpatrick just cos they were BORED, dear love them. The parents really need to have their reproductive organs removed since they dont seem to give a toss what their offspring are up to.

Ganching said...

Hmm does sound worse than foxes and magpies. Hope you get work to pay for the damage to your car.

CyberScribe said...

A few years ago when I was in the music bizz we were playing a bar on the Shore Road in Belfast. I thought the car park looked a bit dodgy so I parked on the street underneath a camera from the local police station.Nearly at the end of the evening the bar man came over to me and asked "Is that your Volvo parked out at the side?" I said "Yes" Looks like you've got your windscreen smashed in. I had and we packed up as quickly as possible. At that time I had to drive home up the M2 and luckily was able to see out of a small corner of the window.
Another bit of luck was a scrap yard open the next day, a Saturday. Yes the scrapyard was outside Cullybackey, near a sausage or chicken factory and I got a windscreen fitted and all for something like £25. I never told the agent that it was that cheap and din't pay him his commision that night.
If that scrap yard is still open I'd call there to save some money, or to save putting insurance payments up.
After the initial annoyance/anger is the constant discovery of glass, just when you thought you'd cleaned it all up theres another bit turns up.
As ed and Ronni have said as long as you're OK thats the main thing.:-)

Anonymous said...

sounds bloody awful - work should definitely pay. See you next weekend - London Sister

Nelly said...

Ronni - riots, even now, are not an uncommon occurrence in Northern Ireland but I've not seen many. I might have told it matter-of-factly but I found it a very frightening experience.

Ed - two people were beaten up prior to the disturbance. It was where they chose to take shelter that brought the situation to us. No-one else got physically hurt.

Caroline - I'd sterilise the current crop as well. Save a lot of expense & hassle in the future. Scarey thing is they'll have more babbies per head than us 'lovely' people. (Thanks Jazz)

CyberScribe - I will try somewhere cheaper for a replacement. And I might put the pushbike back on the road. Less glass to break.

Ganching & LS & Ed - not a chance that work will pay for it. At the time it was happening SMT knew what was going on but didn't even phone us back to hear if we were OK. Or even to enquire about the outcome. We feel SO supported (not) and I don't give one if any of them ever read this.

Jazz - I might take you up on that. If I'd had your number at the time it started to kick off I was going to get you to come up in a taxi and get the car out of the road. But to tell the truth it was a dangerous situation to ask anyone to come into.

Everybody - thanks for caring.

Sandra said...

Very sorry to hear about your car. Wee shites. I still say they need their arses tanned.

Nelly said...

I fantasise about working in a Boot Camp taming the little buggers. I'd feed them on porridge, eels, liver, boiled spuds and buttermilk. They could also have plenty of plain vegetables. I'm thinking cabbage, carrots, turnips and beetroot. Of course they'd have to grow the vegetables themselves. Yes - I'd be the cook. No crisps, no chips, no sweeties, no ready meals and NO FAGS! It would be the first thing that'd help them.