Saturday, July 29, 2006


So, after a particularly hideous, stressful and tiring shift in Tinkerton, I thought I'd have an early night. Up I went at 11.30pm, only to wake again around oneish with a very sore belly. I couldn't get back to sleep and spent the hours between two and five in occasional vomiting. Very unpleasant but each bout did result in a reduction of the gripes so I suppose it was worthwhile. Bert didn't hear a thing and his sympathetic response this morning hardly registered on the symposcale.

Some points to remember for the future

  • Don't eat curry chips from the Doury Fryer.
  • Don't eat the supper Bert cooked when you're not hungry just because you want to encourage him to cook occasionally.
  • If you haven't got that caring someone to hold your hair back when you are vomiting get your hair cut short.
  • Wear glasses when vomiting to avoid splashback in the eye.

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