Sunday, November 12, 2006

Getting Some Work Done

Bert asked me today if Swisser had been impressed by his shelf-building skills.

“She certainly was but it’s not just Swisser,” I said, “Sandra from the blogosphere was dead impressed too. In fact I’ve offered your carpentry services to her when she comes back to live here.”

“Which one is Sandra?”, he enquired. “Is she the dissident republican?”

“Not as far as I know,” I answered. “Sandra lives in Canada. She’s a doctor and she’s going to be a plastic surgeon.”

"A plastic surgeon? Really? Is she a nice looking girl herself?”.

“Indeed she is. But you needn’t be worrying yourself about that for she only has eyes for Ed.”

“Ed? Is he the one knows Young Rooney?”

“Not really. They come from the same town, that’s all.”

“So Sandra wants shelves built.”

“Indeed she does.”

“And she’s going to be a plastic surgeon?”

“She is.”

“That’s handy. A boy couldn’t know too many plastic surgeons and him not a beagle’s gowl off fifty. D’ye think she’ll fix these bags under my eyes for me? ”

"Well, if you make a good job of the shelves - she might."


ed said...

'Young Rooney' is a pseudonym, isn't it? Otherwise I'm mighty confused...

Nelly said...

Yes. It's not that far away from his real name either.

jaffs said...

I think you could be on to something here, could you rent Bert out for odd jobs?
I've been trying to get a bucking tiler for a week, not one can come out before Christmas.

Nelly said...

I'd love to rent Bert out but he is dreadfully lazy. I often say that he must have got in the wrong queue when they were giving out the Protestant work ethic.

jaffs said...

You can keep Bert. I found a good tiler; Aubrey from Ballymena. Only tiler in NI to come out before Christmas.

Sandra said...

Dissident Republican? Mammy would beat the legs off me yet if I even suggested it. The first time I voted, I was instructed before leaving the house on what my politics were to be.

Tell Bert that Mammy says that anybody who would let me near them must be very desperate.

Nelly said...

I take it then that Mammy plans to grow old gracefully?