Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bert the Republican

Bert is perusing yesterday's paper.

I see oul Cherie wouldn't curtsey for the Queen.

Didn't she?

Oul Maggie curtseyed.

But Maggie's a traditional Tory. Did you see how she and the Queen were dressed almost identically?

Probably got their outfits in the same place. Top Shop likely.


So oul Cherie won't curtsey for the Queen. I don't think I'd curtsey for her either.

Cough! Splutter!

What!? What'd I say! Do men not curtsey?


grannymar said...

Nelly You will just have to leave Bert at home when you visit Royalty!

hootchinhannah said...

How did Bert know the Queen shops in Top Shop? I thought Nixt would've been more her style.

Nelly said...

I suppose it's because the Queen and Lady T are Top Women.