Sunday, July 08, 2007

Don't You Know Who I Am?*

While channel-hopping last night we came across some sort of a mish-mash of a programme that included Michael Parkinson and Sir Elton John. According to Parky, Elton is a self-deprecating, humble sort of guy. I wonder did I pick that up right? Because he apparently had a major hissy fit at the concert for Diana the other week. Of course this was all probably mis-reporting and a complete parcel of lies. Sir Elton screaming,

"Get out of my f***ing way. Don't you know who I am? I've been working all f***ing day and I need to get to my f***ing dressing room."

I just can’t see it. Can you?

Anyway we watched a bit more of this programme that featured Elton through all stages of his career. God! - he has been around forever. Bert says to me,

You have to give him this. He has written some good songs.

And I said,

Yeah. But would you ever deliberately go out and buy his music, or download it or even bother listening to it?

And he had to agree that this was so.

I don’t expect ever to own an Elton CD. Hell! I wouldn’t even buy one for 50 pee in a charity shop. But at least when you hear him he’s not as vile as……


I was out buying my papers this morning when my ears were assaulted by that woeful dirge, ‘Yellow’. I always thought that Chris Martin had a very unpleasant, whingeing tone to his voice but it was only today that I realised ‘Yellow’ is the most vile and hateful piece of so-called ‘music’ that I have ever heard in the whole of my life.

At least Sir Elton is good for a laugh.

Elton is determined to reach his recommended 10,000 steps per day.

*I was going to call this post 'Chris Martin Is A C**t' but I thought it wouldn't be very ladylike. Even with the asterisks.


Mudflapgypsy said...

I wholeheartedly concur.

I can't abide Coldplay at all. Yet they are one of those bands that "the masses" really take to and thus you are regarded as weird if you don't like them.

Moany dirgy shite.

I like one Elton song "Tiny Dancer", but thats it.

ejh said...

I'll third the disliking of Coldplay, with one proviso: they do do a pretty decent live show.

Not decent enough to warrant their continued existence, but still, better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

i agree with mudflapgypsy - tiny dancer's a great song, always cheers me up. my view on chris coldplay? i think if they were a wee unsigned band playing down the local, i wouldn't be too offended by their average songs, they just simply do not deserve anywhere near the level of success they've had...thats probably why people detest them so.

'make coldplay history'

mikey x

Nelly said...

Insightful comment Mikey. I still think Chris Martin's voice is mega-dreary.