Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Height of Style

Matty: D'ye know I was thinking today about the time I went to my first ceilidh.

Nelly: What age were you?

Matty: I was thirteen. D'ye know what I wore?

Nelly: Tell me.

Matty: I had on this green jumper I knit myself and a sort of sleeveless gymslip thing over it.

Nelly: You never! What sort of a gymslip?

Matty: Well it wasn't really a gymslip. Just the shape of one. It had been a sailor dress but I took out the sleeves and the collar and stitched it into a vee-neck. I was always fixing up clothes. Hand sewing too.

Nelly: What colour was the dress thing?

Matty: Navy blue and the jumper was bottle green.

Nelly: Oh my God! What a combination.

Matty: And d'ye know what I wore on my feet?

Nelly: What?

Matty: A pair of wellington boots.

Nelly: (screams) You never! What colour were the wellies?

Matty: Black. And you know this - I was danced off my feet.

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Anonymous said...

I corroborate the last statement of ten things that Nelly does every day. But then I live a few hundred miles away and some people may disagree (the fools).Mick