Friday, July 20, 2007

Little Plum

The Chicken-Blogging continues...

We've had the bantam rooster for a while now and have not named him. There have been a few attempts but none stuck.

Since Dede's dog Pickles had the tail feathers trailed out of him the other day he has presented a bedraggled backside to the world. This morning Bert referred to him as 'Little Plum' after the incredibly non-PC character from the Beano. Why Little Plum? Because, like Plum, he's little and he's only got one feather!

Of course, now that he's got the really great name, Foxy's bound to have him.


hootchinhannah said...

You have replaced you owl obsession with a chicken one. What about Bert's fish? Did he get some. Take some pictures.

Freshblade said...

Fantastic name! Hope Bert gets Foxy first.

Nelly said...

Owl Obsession Update;

Saw owls in Tower Centre this morning as part of Stupid Harry Potter Day. Poor things hated shopping centre experience.

This afternoon a party is setting out to World of Owls in Randalstown for clematis planting expedition.

Chicken Obsession Update:

Last night took delivery of six half game pullets. Think three hens and three roosters. Roosters have already been named. They are called Soup, Broth and Game Pie.

hootchinhannah said...

But what about the fish?