Sunday, July 15, 2007

Men Annoy Me...

...but they do have their uses.

They take control of barbecues. Of course this will often involve wearing sausages on their heads and waving dangerous knives about in the presence of impressionable children.

They build fences to keep the chickens in. They boast about how wonderful these fences are but don't have very much to say when the chickens fly over, wriggle under and step through their wonderful fence.

They make that garden seat I've wanted for three years now. It only takes three of them all day. Of course, after such a harrowing and exhausting day's effort, helping a woman to feed the dog pack and catch the chickens would be out of the question.

They amuse the youngest child. However when the women return from hunting and gathering to find the small child brandishing a real and very sharp spear and informing his mother that Bert says he can keep it 'forever' it falls to me to disappoint a small child by saying, 'Yes. When you're 18 you can keep it forever.' Then I get called a 'spoilsport'. By Bert.


Ronni said...

Some people just look awkward with power tools.

ejh said...


Andy said...

What a great photo, I am so jealous of that shed and the tools and the beer and the farm machinery.

Nelly said...

Ronni - hangovers don't help either!

Ed - true.

Andy - Bert's a very lucky man. Not only does he have a big shed and a tractor, he has me!

hootchinhannah said...

Yes Bert looks to be very useful there.