Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pickles: A Gosherd's Nightmare

We're looking after one of Leitrim Sister's dogs at the moment. Pickles is a nice wee dog - or so we thought. The first thing she done as soon as she arrived was....

a big shit on our new landing carpet. Oh well. It was a firm one and easily enough cleaned. I laughed it off. Never mind.

But today she did something much, much worse. She had a go at our poor bantam rooster and left his tail feathers looking very bedraggled. Poor rooster had to go into hiding as he was so ashamed. He's got one tail feather left.

Clint says Pickles is banned from his property,

She'd make short work among my goslings!
As Bert said, she's a gosherd's nightmare.

Clint arrived up this evening with his new chainsaw. Everything razed at his own place and still not sated!

The hedges up the side of thon lane's a disgrace and the morrow the Twelfth!
I had to be firm with him because the tropaeolum speciosum is in bloom and I didn't want him devastating it. I allowed him a wee bit of a tidy up so when the Glenhugh Accordian Band walks past tomorrow morning they'll not be thinking ill of us.

Tropaeolum speciosum

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