Sunday, July 01, 2007

Talking Trash

Sixty per cent of my American co-bloggers come from Texas. Yes Ronni, yes El Capitan, yes Walrilla - I'm talking about you'all. Then this morning I discovered that a columnist on the Houston Chronicle had linked to a post I wrote a while ago on the subject of littering. I have to say I was surprised and pleased - of all the blogs in all the towns in all the world, he had to link unto this one.

Here's a comment from Leon Hale's post that I particularly liked. Especially as that is exactly the sort of office I work in. Not that the Moonchaser boys would ever litter. The Best Site Foreman in Ireland wouldn't put up with that sort of thing!

Mr. Hale,
People being what they are, you'll never whoop this problem.
Half of the people in the world are builders, fixers, and cleaners. The other half of the "people" are destroyers. The old saying,"You can't have anything nice, somebody will come along and ruin it for you", is true. Park your brand new car in the parking lot at the store, and some brain damaged kid will come along and 'key' it for you. Build a new building, or fence, and some little darling, who's mother, and mystery father, are proud of his artistic talent, will paint it for you in the middle of the night, without being asked.
Two years ago, when they clear cut, except for a line of trees along the road, and turned the acreage across the street into a moonscape, to build a tight little bunch of McMansions, all huddled together, with yards the size of a postage stamp, we had the lunch wrapper along the fence expereance. Called the builder, like they care. Ha. No response. They're only responsable for the trash on their property. So 'Ol Miss Sandy started to collect their lunch trash in a trash bag, same as you did. Didn't take her long to fill the dang thing up. Then on a nice pretty Sunday afternoon, while the sales office was full of potential new home buyers, (who always wonder what kind of neighbors am I going to get) 'Ol Miss Sandy walked in and deposited all of that lunch trash on the salesman's desk. She took her bag back home for the next time. Now it was on their property, and they were responsible for cleaning it up.
Long story short, next day after lunch, they had one of their trained monkies cleaning up along the road. Ol' Miss Sandy is a joy to live with, just don't get crossways with her. Old folks, just have no patience. Used it up raising kids.

Posted by: Bob Windish at June 23, 2007 09:11 AM

Incidentally I have a cousin lives in Houston. (Hi Jo!) Do you think I'd like it in Texas?


Bliss said...

Sure! Texas is great! You'd love Texas! :)

Except Austin. If you ever find yourself in Austin, drive your car like you were fleeing zombies in Omega Man. Drive away, and don't even look in the rear view mirror.

Damn you, Austin.

Nelly said...

Gee! I'm very intrigued now.

Ronni said...

Ha! If you think Austin traffic is bad, try Houston! Sorry, Capitan! 70 mph bumper to bumper on the freeway!

Austin is a piece of cake by comparison!

Of course, that being said, I did move 15 miles out into a small town when I first had a baby. 30 years later, this town has become a nightmare of strip centers and McMansions.

You might like this part of Texas. Growing a garden is a challenge, but, I have a friend from near you, and she has a lovely garden. I have put up some pictures, from time to time, of pretty spots in this town. There are not as many of them as there are near you. Everything is modern and raw.