Monday, July 23, 2007

What Sort Of A So-Called Man....

...would have Rihanna's Umbrella on his mobile phone?

Personally I find it offensive, when I'm obliged to ring someone up, to hear, instead of a perfectly sensible ringtone, the downright gayness of that ubiquitous dross.

Has he no shame?

But then what would you expect of a man who acts the complete maggot just because I touched the bumper of his BMW with my dented Polo.

Danced with aggressive rage he did.

Later when I was speaking with him and arranging to pay for the damage done I remarked to him that he was a sight more civil now than he was when the incident occurred. He said that if it had happened the other way around I wouldn't have been too nice either.

I don't think so mate.


Anonymous said...

What an idiot - you would have been perfectly understanding & nice. Maybe when he realised BMW's are common as muck and there will be plenty of people who can fix it/spare bits floating around he calmed down. Sure a wee dent won't do any harm & what in hells name are bumpers for anyway?
Ugh - people are such aresholes sometimes when there are a billion worse things happening in the world than someones car getting bumped.
Rant over!

ejh said...

What Sort Of A So-Called Man would have Rihanna's Umbrella on his mobile phone?

One that you can safely dislike, even if you didn't have another reference.

His driving a beamer is just further evidence of this. Now, if it had been a Citroen, then he'd have had cause for complaint. Complaint, mind, not rage. Some people need to find the line that divides the two...

Nelly said...

I'll give any sexy looking Citroens that I see a very wide berth!

Ronni said...

People are not rational under such circumstances.

No, really!

My daughter has "Wasted" on hers.