Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who Killed Little Orphan Andy?

Observant readers may have noticed that I have added a couple of extra items to my sidebar. These are 'number of chickens' and 'weight lost since 02/07/07'. Expect both of these items to change regularly.

For instance, when I added it, the number of chickens was set at 10. Two days later I had to change it to 8. Foxy got one of my new half-game pullets and, it appears, Little Orphan Andy. At least I think it was Foxy. Bert has other ideas.

Foxy definitely got one of Clint's geese, a big one, and two young roosters. Alber' was hired to come lamp Foxy. Alber' shot two. A big daddy and a young one. So we can assume that there are quite a few more stroking about.

Bert said we cannot be certain Foxy took Little Orphan Andy. He says it could have been a buzzard, or a rat, or a weasel, or even..........

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