Friday, October 05, 2007

Talking Ballymena

Mad Person: Well of course I'll not be going to that party. He says it will be all the family and neighbours at it. Not wild enough for me.

Nelly: They're all a bit staid, are they?

Mad Person: STAID! What do you mean by staid? Is that a Ballymena word?

Nelly: No. It's a proper word. It's in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Mad Person: Oh! EXCUSE ME! In the dictionary is it? Well. I'VE never heard of it!

Nelly (soothingly) Of course it does sound like it ought to be a Ballymena word.

Mad Person (soothed) Yes. It does.

1 comment:

Hails said...

Made me laugh so much I choked on my non-exploding porridge. Still laughing, though.