Monday, November 26, 2007

The Bann Woods

The Good Dog

On Sunday, after the funeral, Bonnie and I went walking through the very lovely Bann Woods. We'd have brought the Dirty Rotten Scunging Devil Dogs with us too, only they'd managed to give Bert the slip. Again. They love it when they see me going out for they know that Bert isn't as vigilant as Nelly. So as they were probably raking through the Loan Hill that left me and the Good Dog to go walking on our own.

The woods are beautiful at this time of year. And quiet too. We didn't see one other soul in an hour's walk.

At Gortgole Road Entrance

I love Nature's litter. I'm like a big kid crunching through piles of Autumn leaves. Not so fond of human litter though. I couldn't help wondering at the selfishness and arrogance of the dirty clart who thought that the entrance to the woods was the perfect place to dump these mattresses. Just let someone else take responsibility for cleaning up your mess, why don't you? Grrr!


Mudflapgypsy said...

Seeing rubbish dumped like that makes quite sweary indeed.

If people can go to the effort of dumping stuff they can go to the bloody dump.
Sorry, council amenity site.
Makes me mad.

If I ever see someone dump stuff I will bloody shop them.

I do love the description "scunging devil-dogs". It conjures up some bizarre images for me.

Nelly said...

I might turn into one of those people who pokes through dumps until I find an identifier and publish my findings, with photographs, in a blog.