Monday, November 12, 2007

A Choice of Beverage

Put the kettle on will you?

In a minute. I'll fill Pearlie's jar first then I'll make us a drink.


Ten minutes later...

So what d'ye want? Tay or coffee?


Rooibos or Earl Grey?

Earl Grey.

Five minutes later...

Tea's brewing. D'ye want a slug of this while we're waiting?

Bert raises tonic wine to mouth and takes a hearty slug.

It's great. D'ye want some?

Honestly Bert. Buckfast! I'm a lady you know. I don't drink tonic wine from the bottle. Now where's that sherry glass?


Mudflapgypsy said...

At least is was a wee pocket sized bottle.

My friends used to drink it, I couldn't even swallow the stuff and I drank whiskey back then.

Nelly said...

Bert's tastebuds are not as other people's. His mother destroyed them by feeding him on foosted fadge and burned cabbage. To Pearlie food was fresh if it didn't make you retch and cooked if the blue reek was belching out of the kitchen. Is it any wonder it takes Buckfast and fried eels to tickle his palate?

El Capitan said...

Foosted fadge? Is that anything like Sonofabitch Stew?

Rooibos tea, on the other hand, is quite tasty! I buy it loose by the pound from the internet tea vendors. The pricy rooibos teabags at the local hippie foodstore will crack your wallet in two.

Nelly said...

'Foosted' in Ulster parlance means gone off or stale. Fadge is potato bread which is a local delicacy. It's a flat bread made from potato flour and is damp which means it goes off quite quickly. It's usually fried in oil or lard and is an integral part of the traditional Ulster Fry.

The closest you guys across the Atlantic come to fadge would be your delectable hash browns. I loved them. My least favourite part of your Southern breakfasts would be grits. What is that all about?