Thursday, November 08, 2007

Flickr Groups

I got kicked off a pretentious group on Flickr today. Apparently my photograph did not meet their pernickety standards. Has anyone else had any negative experiences with Flickr groups?


Anonymous said...

I am suspicious of any group that would have me as a member.

StrayTaoist said...

O rly? Which group? We should all join and post awful pictures in that case.

This hasn't happened to me, but I am much to amateur to post to the groups I belong to. (Most of which are because someone has searched tags and asked me to post a picture of a pylon. True.)

On another note, the thing I hate most are all those circle-jerk awards. 'Number One Photos Mermaid Excellence Trophy!' Bah.

Nelly said...

The group (I am not going to name it as they don't deserve it) were devoted to quirky pictures of chairs. The pictures, as far as I can judge, had little artistic merit.

Mudflapgypsy said...

I agree with Beowulf and the'taoist.

Stuff 'em Nelly. It's juts another outlet for control freaks to wield their non existent power. ( they only have it'cos other people let them get away with it.)

Nelly said...

I see the Moochin Photoman has posted a photograph there. I wonder if they'll have him?

I also wonder if I should start a another Flickr group - say one devoted to roadside litter. Of course I'd be very 'picky' about what sort of litter I'd allow. For instance no one would be allowed to post pictures of white litter or litter that looked as if they'd left it there themselves.

Nelly said...

Too late! Been done already.

ganching said...

I got told off by a flickr admin person about a comment I made. I was actually quite upset by it.

What do you do if you get caught up in that "fantastic capture award yourself an annoying flashing icon thing"? It has happened to me a few times and I am never sure how to respond.

Worse still are the sort of groups where someone leaves a comment and then they get all miffy becuase you don't respond in kind.

Also what do you do if you want to take someone off your contact list?

It's all very troublesome.

Nelly said...

Re contact list. Just take them off. Say nothing.

Re miffy comments. What Mudflapgipsy said.

Re flashing icons stuff. What Stray Taoist said.

Re Flickr groups in general. What Beowulf said.

Flickr should be fun. And some people just don't 'get' fun.