Sunday, November 04, 2007

Phone Calls from Abroad

Firstly and secondly from Hannah who may, or may not, be coming home next weekend. If she does that will be great for me for I will see all my girls for Christmas. If she does not then that will be good too for it will mean she is continuing with her adventures in Thailand.

Thirdly from Glen, who we waved goodbye to a fortnight ago. He and his family are starting a new life in Brisbane and, so far, they're getting on just fine.

It's been a busy weekend. Got the car through the MOT on Saturday, which is always nervewracking. And not just having to drive up the ramps at the PSV carwash. I said to the bloke there,

Does anyone ever actually fall in?

He says,

Oh aye. Young girl last week in a Ford Ka, my boy waves at her to go this way, she goes the other way and drops in on the driver's side. Totally jammed in. She couldn't even get out.

I'm sure she was terribly annoyed about it?

Not one bit. She rolled down her window and says, 'I made a right balls-up of that, didn't I?'

I envy such nonchalance.

After making my ride legal again I visited London Sister at Matty's and we went for a bit of a walk. Bumped into and chatted to everyone who lives on Matty's road which took up a bit of time. Then today we went to Swisser's for a delicious tea. It was four course, organic (so she claims) and totally yummy. So here we are, Sunday evening again. Where the hell do weekends go to?


Mudflapgypsy said...

I swear something makes time speed up after 5 pm on a Friday until you wake up on a Monday.

I hate taking a vehicle to the MOT...even when it isn't my own!

CyberScribe said...

I had a car once that had to get pushed out of an MOT centre cause the engine had stalled and I couldn't get it started.The mechanic, from somewhere between Randalstown and Portglenone, who was meant to prepare the car for MOT didn't receive a cheque from me for the work he claimed he did on it.

Nelly said...

The MOT is a hideous ordeal but, as Wee Blair said to me as he fitted my new tyre,

Sure it's as well we have it, for if we didn't we'd all be driving about it cars that were just hinging together. I know I would!

And so would I!