Thursday, December 13, 2007

News (To Me) From The Island Of Ireland

Listening to the radio on the way to work and I hear about the opening of the new Ikea store.
Apparently this is a first for 'The Island of Ireland' as Ikea likes to put it. The police have put special arrangements in place for fear of a repeat of the carnage that took place in Edmonton in February 2005. 

For it seems that vast hordes of Islanders will be streaming towards Ikea today. It is said that the entire Island is abuzz with excitement about the opening of this store.

So why am I only hearing about it today? I missed that Clockwork Orange opening too.


grannymar said...

only mad idiots will try to get to Ikea this month.

Wait until about February and then it will be fine. See you there then!

Zoe said...

You didn't know!!!

Alan in Belfast said...

Covered in a little detail over at Alan in Belfast!

Ronni said...

A huge store full of modernist square stuff. Some things are useful, but a lot is only good if you are an efficiency maven.

Anonymous said...

I told you this almost two years ago!