Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Auntie Fungus Comes To Stay

I may have mentioned Bert's eccentric aunt. She's the one who lives in a semi-derelict house on the side of a hill. She's the one that is sans electricity, water, bathroom, windows, functioning doors, you name it, she probably hasn't got it.

A few years ago she hit a crisis and Bert took her in, I got social services and the housing involved and everyone rallied round to help her. The Executive were going to build her a new house but she turned the offer down, saying it would be 'too much bother.' After getting a few financial matters resolved she returned to her hovel and her lover.

Well - she's hit another crisis. Bert was sent (by me) to get her into hospital and hopefully, from there, to sheltered accommodation. But she wouldn't go to hossie, said she 'wasn't prepared*' and he had no other choice but to land her back here.


*Roughly translates as bogging.


Anonymous said...

Bath her in Whiskey

Nelly said...

Too late - already showered her with Pears. Helped.