Friday, January 18, 2008

Taken On Trust

Well! For feck's sake! How very, very dare you!

You're having a quiet afternoon. On a whim you decide to go internet shopping. You buy a delish cashmere jumper in the John Lewis sale. (Hasn't arrived yet but you know it will be good. After all it is John Lewis. Qualitee. No postal charges.)

Maybe a scarf to go with it. Let's try Ebay. Rainbow coloured alpaca scarf. Lovely picture. Buy it now!What I thought I was buying

Scarf arrives. Eagerly tear from packaging. Hold up. Something terribly wrong. Is half a scarf. Vendor has cut scarf in half and posted it out. Not even long enough to go round elf's neck. Only has fringing on one side. What a bloody libertee! Go on to Ebay. Compose stern message. Send. Check vendor's page. discover selling other half of scarf for even more than Nelly paid! what a fecking libertee!

And this is what I got


Anonymous said...

The mean ould W****!

May she be paid back 200 fold!

Freshblade said...

Cheek! Can they be electronically flogged by the Rulers of Ebay Land?

Hails said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sorry, Nelly, but... no, I'm sorry. Very funny post, though. If we see the day-to-day disappointments and trials of life as quality blog material, they become worthwhile. Kinda.

Nelly said...

Y'know it might have been an issue of quality control rather than a deliberate attempt to take a hand out of dear ol' Nelly. I shall keep you posted.

By the way if any of youse can get your hands on a pair of your Granny's 'pulling' knickers you wouldn't believe what some people would pay for them. Particularly the larger sizes.

Anonymous said...

You should publish the scoundrel's name on your blog so that the rest can't be gulled in the same way.