Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I got into housework last night. It all started when a bottle of washing up liquid spilled over my Lidls shopping and I had to wash my groceries. Funny how washing and drying a packet of pastrami can put you in the cleaning mood.

Also, I'm finished with the Wee Scrabulous Tourney so have more time for domestic matters. It wasn't as total a humiliation as I'd expected for I did manage to win one game - and against the formidable Lady Cassandra no less. 

So with all the washing of groceries and hoovering of floors I found myself wide awake way beyond my usual sleepy-time. I'm sitting up in bed reading the Sunday papers (and not even last Sunday's - I'm behind with everything) and I look at the clock and it's nearly one and I think, time you had the light off missus. Then there was this strange, brief, creaking, achey noise like nothing I'd ever heard before. I put it out of my mind, went to sleep and dreamed I was a serial killer.

In the dream I kept disposing of the bodies in the water beside Dinsmore's factory. I was hefting the seventh or eighth one in when I thought to myself, 

Oh God! I am a serial killer. 

The corpses were nobody I knew. Just middle-aged men. Just men who'd annoyed me in some way. Earthquakes are very unsettling.


Ronni said...

Once I dreamed I was being dragged to the flames for witchcraft, and woke to find "Witchy Woman" playing on the radio!

Nelly said...

Apparently dreams, which seem to go on for ages, are actually played out in seconds. So maybe you started dreaming as soon as your subconscious heard the tune...?

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I'd heard the earthquake. I sleep through everything but people were aware of it in London.

I think your serial killer dream may have something to do with the fact that there have been a whole series of murder trials that finished over the past few days and, as it was all men murdering woman, your subconscious is trying to even things up.


CyberScribe said...

You don't shop in Lidl's, do you? ;-)

Nelly said...

I do. I adore it. The big jars of olives, the cottage cheese, the radishes, the pastrami, the coffee...

What's not to love about Lidl's?

Will I bump into you there?

CyberScribe said...

I do shop occasionally in Lidl's and always pick up a few bags of their choco-hoppers when I'm in.They also do the best bin bags in the country. I was in the Ballymena branch a couple of days ago and bought a small plastic greenhouse thingy for the Mrs.I could end up in either their Ballymena , Magherfelt or Cookstown branch so you might bump into me.