Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fabulous Scrabulous

There's more than me just a tad keen on Facebook's Scrabulous application. I'm not as good as it as I'd hoped to be and there are some people who are starting to cheese me off because they keep whupping my ass at it. I'm sure they must be taking performance enhancement drugs but until we bring in dope testing for Scrabulous we'll never know.

I propose a tournament and these are the players I'm proposing in no particular order other than that they spring to my gin-sodden mind.

Stray Taoist
The Lady Cassandra
Miss Eleanor
Handsome Ed
Hootchin' Hannah

I nominate Ed to seed the order of play for no reason other than he is a fair-minded chap not related to any of the other contestants.

Akshually to make a proper tournament we could do with 6 more players. Volunteers, suggestions, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I am good at it because I am able to put the tiles all over the board and puzzle out words, something you can't do with Scrabble. Also that dictionary makes it easy to find out if "jiao" really is a word or wishful thinking. Having said that, Scrabbulous is turning me into a neglectful mother; yesterday the toad stole three yogurts out of the fridge and smeared his face with Aloe Vera Vaseline. Actually I think he ate most of it..... I should not be confessing this.
Miss Eleanor

StrayTaoist said...

You need some sort of computer type who will build you a league table system. Then run it like a footie tourney. Qualifying/heats, then the quarter finals etcetc.

Everyone gets to play everyone else a few times, winners from groups go on and so on.

If I get a chance, I will investigate crappy open source solutions later. And if that doesn't tickle me, I will write one of my own.

ejh said...

Being at work at the moment, I shouldn't really be investigating such things, but does the Scrabulous app not have a facility at the top to host a table?

StrayTaoist said...

ed: I think we more mean a tourney, like the six nations if you are homoerotic-enabled, or foxy-boxing if you aren't.

We have the group stages, the knockout, the quarters, the semis and the finals. Then it all happens again in four years time.

ejh said...

Homoerotic-enabled? Sure what's homoerotic about getting worked up by watching lots of well-built men chasing each other round a field?

As for t'other, that's getting mighty complicated.

Nelly said...

I want it to be quarter finals, semi-finals etc. Much more fun.

Seeding to make sure that the really good players have the best chance of meeting at the finals.

We need six more players to make a proper tournament.

And I, for one, won't mind getting knocked out at the beginning if I get to watch the fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm game! As for that last comment of Nelly's well.........


lady cassandra said...

count me in :o)

Stray Taoist said...

Well then. I wrote a bit of code that will make groups (it even copes with odd numbers, get me), and will make every player play every other one in their group twice. (Subject to change, three might be better.)

I almost have the group table generation done (read: haven't started it), and the winner from each group goes through as per usual rules.

If there aren't enough people for the quarters, then the highest scoring loser will be picked. (Yes, it keeps the scores from the matches too. Datamining and stats. Mmmm, lovely.)

I can generate a list of people vs people RIGHT NOW. But let me still some front end on it, as it is all command line scripts with a database back end.

By the end of the weekend, I will have a complete suite of tournament software written, from groups onwards. Realtime league table generation, stats and so on. And once the tourney has been through a few iteration, my code will then produce seedings, and make sure the seeds get scattered properly throughout the draw. (Which is random right now.)

More soon!

Nelly said...

I'm impressed. Can't wait. Nobody better be going on holidays.

hootchinhannah said...

Yaaay scrabulous tournament. But please don't make me play with Mr or Mrs Taoist,they're gonna whoop my ass.