Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hee Haw!

Matty and I went to the Oldgreen Garden Centre and got ourselves some Neddy ears.

I thought they looked best on Matty. You can see by her beaming smile that she thought so too.

Photographs courtesy of Ganching.


Grannymar said...

Glad to see that Matty bought her headress for your wedding ;)

Nelly said...

They go lovely with her hair.

Anna in the USA said...

Now I'm curious. would a neddy be in the rabbit family or more related to the jackass?

Either way they are definitely cute and both of you wear them well.

Nelly said...

More of an ass than a bunny.

Anna in the USA said...

I'm such a blind bat! I never even noticed that your heading was Hee Haw. I could try on those neddy ears and they would look natural on me.

You and Matty look like you had a great time. Matty looks a lot like one of my friends, Barb. I am sure you were both giggling outragiously when that second pic was taken. barb and I would be doing that.

L said...

These pictures really made me smile. Nelly, you look lovely(sans ears). I hope you share some wedding pics with your readers when the big day arrives.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - I love your flowery shirt.
Mel. x