Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Barry's Uncle Stanley's What?

When Bert looked at this page from his 1964 English exercise book he said,

I'm sure Teach was impressed with that!


But I don't even have an Uncle Stanley!

This is what I think he must have meant. I take my clue from the illustration. You must agree that his artistic talents were evident even at the tender age of five. Obviously his writing skills weren't quite as developed though.

Barry's Uncle Stanley got third prize at Balmoral Show for his penis. It got a yellow rosette.

I'd love to have seen the chap who got first prize!


John said...

You're being facetious, Nelly. The word is PONY. Clear as day. And as you know, Pony is Cockney rhyming slang for Crap. Barry's Uncle Stanley obviously submitted his prize turd in a shit show.

Penis indeed. Whoever heard of such a thing?

Nelly said...

I expect you're right John. That would xplain the three litle strings hanging out of it. Uncle Stanley must have been eating something very fibrous to give his turd shape and form.

It seems that Bert's insistence on saving himself for our wedding has me suffering from 'penis envy'.

Anna in the USA said...

Funny thing, Nelly, but when I look at the picture all I can see is penis, too. Must be a woman thing.

No shit! Lets have a poll. Penis or turd?

Nelly said...

Definitely no shit. A penis.

Grannymar said...


hootchinhannah said...

That's a penis for sure. Look at the helmet. Bert was either a very bad drawer as a kid, or a very good drawer.

John said...

Christ, you women have no understanding of the male anatomy at all, have you. It's obviously a picture of Barry's Uncle Stanley in the process of producing his prize dump. Can't you see that it's brown? He was probably squatting on top of the table at the time.

Nelly said...

Bert says it's a pony, we say it's a peeny!