Saturday, July 05, 2008

Daily Pearlie Report: Day Whatever

6:30pm: Nelly in bad books. Refused to exercise Pearlie's leg by pumping it up and down. Said, sarcastically, "I'll have to have a word with these physiotherapists".

6:45pm: Let off leg-pumping duties as leg has 'gone cold' and will 'likely have to come off.'

6:50pm: In good books. Filled hot-water bottle and tenderly placed it under condemned and soon to be amputated freezing leg.

7:15pm: Got gold star after rushing in to room bearing small bowl of mashed potatoes and declaring, "You have me that distressed with all that talk about your leg coming off that I've gone and put too much butter in your potatoes!"

And ,after saying her plate 'too full' , (there's always something wrong) she scoffed the lot. Apparently there's no such thing as 'too much butter'.


Grannymar said...

Watch out, you might sprout wings one of these days!

Angel on my girl, your reward awaits you!

Nelly said...

My MIL2B quite often imagines red horns sprouting from my curly white head.

d@\/ e said...

I was just reading in the paper about a dashound that had to be put down after chewing it's owners toe off while the once proud owner of 10 toes lay sleeping.The once proud owner of 10 toes has diabetes and couldn't feel the toe which is probably now stored undigested in a dead dog somewhere.
Is that a good bedtime story or what? ;-)

Nelly said...

Couldn't the problem have been solved by having the hound sleep in the kitchen or what? Getting it put down seems a bit drastic. But maybe once it had the taste of human digits....