Sunday, September 28, 2008

Belfast ChilliFest 2008

On Saturday I went to the ChilliFest with Zoe and Dave. I ate Tacos and Chilli and Chilli Chocolate and Chilli Ice Cream (surprisingly good but not as good Zoe says, as her blackberry and apple ice cream). I bought Bert a Chilli Tee Shirt and Hannah some Chilli Sauces. I took photographs of lots of Chilli Afficianados. They were a pretty mixed bunch.

Bert was astonished at what the stallholders were charging for the Chilli Plants. "Six pounds! that's damnable!"

Today I had a fight with Pearlie, visited Lucy, made Meatballs with Chilli Sauce and Blackberry Biscuits (chilli free). I also did some more clearing of Pearlie's old abode. Bert was amazed that she had squirrelled away all the personal letters he got when he was living at home. He spent a happy hour or so reading through them. There was one particularly sweet letter he received from a chap called David Clay that he'd met whilst travelling. He was so struck by it that he read it out to me.

That's a really lovely letter. Did you write back?

I never did.

You didn't! And that letter was from the heart. He really liked you.

I know. I was a bastard.

That's nearly thirty years it's taken Bert to appreciate the friends he met in his twenties.

Pearlie also kept all his school reports. They were all much the same.

A fair term's work. Robert is capable of a far higher standard of work.

As he said himself,

That just about sums up my whole life.


Ronni said...

Mine, too.

evilganome said...

Lemme see, 6 pounds equals about 12 dollars US. They have to be joking! I'll send you seeds.

I keep hoping someday I'll finally start working at my potential, but it's also getting a bit late in the day.

Anonymous said...

and me!! its a transendental thing i reckons. too busy in the astral plane to get yer sums done. Long live the Burt!!!! jtf xx

Nelly said...

I wonder who among us is achieving their full potential? Madonna tries hard but I keep thinking she's missing something. Leonardo da Vinci gave it a good shot.

Chilli plants for £6. They were also in 2 litre pots at £9. Horticulturalists. Huh!

We've got £50 worth in our greenhouse. An that's just the chillis.

Birdie said...

There is no greater burden than one's own potential.

sageweb said...

I would love to work at my greatest potential..but I am way too lazy.

yellowdog granny said...

I'm from texas, I can send you all the chili plants you'll ever need..and let me tell you..dont know what they are serving as chili there, but if it doesn't have comino in ain't chili...
us texans take great pride in our chili..