Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Old Day

Father & Mother

Today is the anniversary of Seamus' birthday. Were he still alive he would be 89. I don't think he would have cared to be 89.

Matty has spent the day in hospital. I managed to talk (argue) her into making an appointment with her doctor yesterday. She had been complaining of frequent chest discomfort for the past two weeks. When she did call for an appointment the GP insisted she go straight to hospital. So it was that we spent many, many hours in A&E. Eventually she was admitted for observation and tests.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Bonnie is poorly. Luckily she is not as stubborn as Matty and has agreed to a vet's appointment tomorrow morning.

That's all my life's about these days - old girls and poorly pets.


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture, Nelly.

Thinking about your comment about Seamus...

My Aunts are in their nineties. I just hope I haven't that particular
gene. We're meant to wear out, I know,but I'd as soon fast forward.

Sure but you've had an armload of late. Sending good thoughts to you all.

hootchinhannah said...

'Tis a great photo. I love the way granda is looking up at oul' Matty. His face is the same colour as the walls but not quite the same as granny's jumper.

therese said...

great pic. my grandda died a day short of his 90th last year, after just 5 weeks in the nursing home. he was not fond of 89.