Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good News, Bad News

up the back lane, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

The good news is that Matty gets out of hospital this afternoon.

Things are not looking so good for Bonnie. She was very weak this morning and could barely walk. At the vet they said she had a very low blood count. They queried poisoning or that disease dogs get from rats. She is having a blood transfusion this afternoon but despite this the vet is not giving her much hope.

I can hardly bear it.


Blood is still running through and the vet says that Bonnie is lifting her head, holding her own.


Anna in the USA said...

Glad to hear Matty is OK and coming home. Hoping for the best with Bonnie. We lost our ould dog 2 years ago and I still sadly remember that last look into his deep brown eyes. Tears me up to think of the many dogs that have given us so much over the years.

Nelly said...

Thing is Anna - I haven't had that last look. If she dies before I get to see her again...

But she won't. I know she is going to get better. There is no point in thinking otherwise.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

beowulf said...

Ah man, you've reminded me of my old dog Sheska with that last look stuff.

Hope Bonnie makes it through.

Ronni said...

There's a special corner of hell for people who poison dogs!

I hope she pulls through.

Glad your mom is better...