Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poor Nameless Pup

Clint took a very long time getting round to replacing his last dog Tanya. Eventually he decided to take this wee collie pup. He waited until she was three months before bringing her home so she would have a good long time with her mother. He only had her a few days when she got under the wheel of his trailer, broke her pelvis and dislocated her hip.

She was at the vet for over a week and seemed to be making fair progress. But when the vet got her back for a checkup on Friday past she said the pup was not doing as well as she'd hoped. Her pelvis isn't knitting and she has a post-operative infection. They are giving her another week to see how she does.

She is a lovely little thing, bright, affectionate and friendly. It would break your heart to see how she longs to play and fun but she isn't able to. Clint can't bear to name her just yet.

Pearlie wouldn't approve - she said she should have been put down straight away - but I'm praying for the pup every time I think of it. Still they're only Catholic prayers so as far as Pearlie is concerned they won't count anyway.

I really do hope I get to write a post soon telling you what Clint has decided to name his pup.


Anonymous said...

I hope so too, Nelly.

Blessed be the pets who give us much
love and joy...

Anonymous said...

very sorry to hear this story nelly. it is a beautiful pup, hope it'll make it through....

Anonymous said...

that's heartbreaking to hear, poor pup and poor clint too...hope she mends soon.

mikey x