Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Greetings Then and Now

A typical early 2oth century card sent to Pearlie's mother.

This postcard was sent to Pearlie in 1940. She would have been 14 and was staying for Christmas at her future husband's home, this very house I'm sitting in now. They were, in the parlance of the time, 'far out friends'. Pearlie was already in love. Johnny at 20 years of age was, most likely, oblivious to her feelings.

A card dating from the 1930s sent to the Hillis family. Note that the rustic character is smoking. Quelle horreur!

A modern card sent to Nelly from Ganching, Christmas 2008.


sageweb said...

Cool christmas cards!

Have a very merry christmas!!

evilganome said...

I love those old cards. It's great how you know so much about the people and the circumstances surrounding them. Merry Christmas!

Father Tony of the Farmboyz said...

That modern one shows the Gapstow Bridge in central Park (New York City). Of course, the artist has taken some liberties with the background.
I once stood at my easel painting that bridge. Japanese tourists swarmed and clicked like flies.

Brighid said...

I like the ol cards, they have more heart.
Wishing you & yours a blessed New Year.

Brighid said...

Thank you for the many links to other bloggers.
They and consequently you have taken me on many different paths, some of more import than others, but always a mind stretching adventure.

Nelly said...

I love those old cards myself. Cards seemed to mean more in the olden days. That said the modern card set in New York appeals as well. Father Tony - your comment sent me to the Flickr archives to look at pictures of that bridge. What struck me was the many different moods and guises it offered. Unlike Ganching I've never had the pleasure of visiting New York but when do I'll see it for myself.

Brighid - you are very welcome.

To all - the holiday season is, thankfully, drawing to a close. It was good but goes on too long. Happy New Year to everyone.

I'll get back to this....

Musings of Mel said...

This was really interesting! I liked looking at the cards. I got my friend Bex a book containing shots of all the Vanity Fair covers and it was ineresting to see how they changed over the years.

Also so sweet that Pearlie married the man she was 'seretly' in love with. A nice story.