Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Healthy Eating Plan Hits The Skids

And it's not even Christmas yet! Blame it on the Chocolate Man.

This young fellow came into the office the other day looking for the boss. I could tell by his manner that this was a social, rather than a business call.

You're one of the Ladmans aren’t you?

I am indeed.

And which one are you?

I’m John.

I know Richard and Davy but I don’t think I’ve met you before. You were mentioned in company the other day. Now what was it was said? Yes! I heard you were a tremendously good cook and that you were always feeding the other fellows in the flat when you were at University.

That’s right enough. There wasn’t one of them boys could boil an egg for themselves.

So what’s your speciality?

I do a great roast dinner. But I’m terribly messy. I dirty every pot and pan the house.

Isn’t that just like a fellow. My husband’s exactly the same.

My mother’s always saying I should clean up as I go along.

Sure cleaning up as you go along is for girls.

Right enough. So it is.

I bet you Gordon Ramsey doesn’t clean up as he goes along.

I’d say he doesn’t. He’ll have people to do that for him.

He has people to do a lot of things for him. Now what is it that you do with yourself?

I’m a Developmental Manager for BigFamousChocolateCompany.

Sure so you are. I remember now. That was talked about the other day too. Wasn’t Simon saying you gave him this great giant bar of chocolate. He showed me a photo of it on his mobile phone.

That’s right. So I did.

Now don’t you be giving me any chocolate. Sure I wouldn’t stop eating it until I died of chocolate poisoning.

You like chocolate? Wait a minute there….......


Anonymous said...

No Pictures?

Nelly said...

The brown mist came down.

evilganome said...

How big was the chocolate bar and how do I meet this fellow?

SubtleKnife said...

Forget pictures, is he available?

Nelly said...

Size isn't everything folks - it was the amount.

Still - That stash is gone and I'm over it. The fridge is currently full of Green & Black organic dark chocolate (for desserts) and I'm not even tempted....yet.

And - the Chocolate Man is, as far as I know, available and can be found somewhere in Scotland.

Unknown said...

Organic Dark Chocolate....
[is now in the middle of a gastronomic wet dream]

Mudflapgypsy said...

A chocloate pimp, no less!
I have a thing for toblerone at the moment. I' spose he doesn't deal with that?
Still, a nice contact to have Nelly.

Musings of Mel said...

The chocolate man can be found somewhere in SCOTLAND. Is he cute?? Who cares - get me his number!

Nelly said...

Ask Big Willy for his number. He knows the Chocolate Man.