Friday, December 12, 2008


But what does Friday actually mean to fifty-somethings with elderly in-laws ensconced in the good room?

A body spends the whole working week looking forward to Friday. Why? I get home. I look at the sink full of dirty dishes. I see the overflowing laundry basket for Friday is Pearlie’s ‘Big Wash’ day. I think about the dirty floors, for twelve carers a day, two dogs, two cats and Bert do leave their mark.

The weekend. It’s really just a catching up with the housework time for me.

You know something? I hate sharing my life with Bert’s mother.

And if I wasn’t three-quarters on the road to being pissed I might elaborate on that.


Anna said...

I so feel for you. It has been 10 years since I shared a home with my MIL while I was a working person. I still feel that curtain of doom descend when I think of it after all these years. She probably wasn't that bad. It was just very mentally and physically draining. Old people can be so self centered.

My heart is with you. Here, have a little Irish Cream with your coffee.

Grannymar said...

It is not easy sharing with in-laws.

I never knew my MIL and Jack told my mother that the best thing about his MIL was the hundred miles between them!

Although said with a wink, she never knew whether he was teasing or not!

evilganome said...

Families tend to be best appreciated at a distance. If I lived in the same town as Doris, I'd either be drunk all the time or I would have killed myself by now.

Ronni said...

It's hard.

Just know that you can always vent here.

Try to remember that she produced Bert, and, if she didn't exist, he wouldn't, either.

Also, you'll be that elderly lady someday. What goes around comes around.

I didn't much like having Addy with us, either. It put a damper on our privacy, even when she was not taking up all my time.

Can't Bert take over some of the cleaning up?

Jim couldn't stand to see Addy so weak and needy. He kept trying to jolly her back to being ten years younger.

sageweb said...

wow I couldnt live with an in-law...but I guess I first should get a lover before I even kick her mother out.

Michele said...

God luv ya. My sister and brother-in-law left their own home last year and moved in with my mother to care for her while she was dying. Yet as my sister pointed out, we all liked her. She was fun.

You definitely deserve to prop up your feet and ignore the bell.

Nelly said...

I was feeling ever so sorry for myself when I wrote that. Like everything else in life there are good times and bad times.

Last few days haven't been too bad.

Elder care has similarities to bringing up kids. You never get it quite right first time round and there are no second chances.