Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hanna's Close and Beyond

A week's leave from work soon goes in. I'm back at the coal face tomorrow and I still haven't written a scratch about our weekend in the Mournes.

It was wonderful. The weather couldn't have been kinder to us. The accommodation at Hanna's Close was delightful and Bonnie thoroughly enjoyed her first proper holiday. Bert and I didn't have a cross word the entire time. Well maybe just the two cross words, when he raced ahead of me on the descent from Hare's Gap. Big show-off! Then when he lost Bonnie's lead. But no matter. We had another in the car and it was me lost it anyways – or so says Bert. And besides they weren't even cross words. More mildly peevish than anything.

Knockchree Mountain, outside Kilkeel, was our first walk and, although easy going, the views were wonderful. Knockchree limbered us up for Slievebearnagh the next day. That was a far tougher hike and, unfortunately, the mist came down as we reached the top so the views weren't as good as we'd hoped for.

On Monday we visited Castlewellan Forest Park. Bert was very keen to see the arboretum and he found it well worth the entrance fee. Meanwhile I was expected to be very impressed with his extensive knowledge of things bushy and treeish. Big show off! Although secretly I was. Very impressed indeed.

We both agreed that our break had been one of the best ever. I'd recommend the cottages at Hanna's Close and the magical, wonderful Mournes to anyone who relishes a bit of peace and tranquillity after a great day's walking.


evilganome said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time. I need to try and get away to spend some time away from civilization.

Nelly said...

It's demn good for the head