Thursday, February 05, 2009

He's Still Got Balls!

Fred went under the knife today to have his little camouflage collar and bell surgically removed. As an afterthought I asked the vet to take his goolies off as well.

Fred bore the entire procedure with great stoicism, after his initial annoyance when he wasn't given his breakfast.

I'm happy to report that despite losing his physical balls he has spent the entire evening fighting bigger cats and German Shepherds. As ever, he won all his battles.

I wonder when he'll start to hate me?


Mudflapgypsy said...

Ow! Poor wee sod, innocently thinking he was getting a collar removed..." Hey, wrong end, WRONG END!!!!!!!!!!!!".

He will hate you. Only until the last vestiges of testosterone leave his body.

sageweb said...

Poor little guy...My boy will be licking away at himself and all of a sudden look in my direction as if he is thinking what a bitch I am for removing his little balls.

Anna said...

Probably start hating you when mating season comes... :-)