Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sexist, Racist, Don't Carer

One of Pearlie’s carers asked to speak to me this evening. I was immediately on full alert waiting for some ‘serious issue’ to be raised.

Were there not enough nurses at that home your mother-in-law was in?

What do you mean?

She told us that it was full of black darkies and that a black man put her on the toilet and washed her!

She never said anything.

Well if I was you I'd put in a complaint!

I have no problem with that...

You don't?

...and as far as I know Pearlie has no problem with it either. At least, if she has, she hasn't said anything to us.

You should still complain.

As I said, I've no problem with it.

So there you go. That's the caliber of (some) of the people who tramp through this house regularly. Perhaps I should complain about her racism. But I probably won't.


Brighid said...

good god, what was the caregiver thinking?
pearlie sounds like she is on the same page as my mother. one must understand that mother was raised in the south usa, and that's a whole other place. a few years back she was at a family gathering, we were discussing the actions of a black person, and mother said: "i don't understand what all the fuss is about, we treat them just like they were real people"
we just all stood there stunned, with mouths agape! to this day she sees nothing untold with her statement. age does not necessarily bring wisdom i'm thinking.

Nelly said...

That sort of casual racism is not uncommon in Northern Ireland I'm sorry to say.

This woman is so ignorant that she would not consider for a moment that I'd find her remarks offensive or that I'd be perfectly justified in putting in a complaint about her.

But as I said, I won't. In the long run it would be Pearlie who'd suffer.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Aye, not uncommon at all.

We live in the REDNECK belt.

You are right, it'll be Pearlie wh will suffer in the long term if you report the redneck.

Nelly said...

What else can be expected from a population where the majority of people are still blatantly sectarian? Obviously they'll be racist as well.

evilganome said...

It sounds like the things that happen around here as well. Boston for all its supposed liberality is still a very segregated place.