Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Don't Say

What would we do without these health pundits? I really don't know. The latest bit of unbelievable news  concerns chocolate. You know...that brown stuff made from lard and sugar with a tad of cocoa bean somewhere in there - apparently it's bad for you if you eat too much of it. And, because we are all thick as bricks and don't know what is good for us, the brown stuff should be taxed so we don't eat so much of it.

Chocolate is already as dear as poison. I remember when Mars bars cost five pence - that is  five old pre-decimal pennies and the chocolate was thick enough to break your teeth on and the caramel was awesome and the whipped bit was...alright. Because if I'd wanted a Milky Way I'd have bought a Milky Way. And they were about 8 inches long. You ate them by nibbling off all the chocolate, which took ages, then you ate the boring Milky Way bit. Then you ate the chewy caramel. By this time there was chocolate up your nose and  caramel in your hair but you didn't care because you were only eight years old and you only got about three Mars bars a year.

Compared to the Mars Bar of yesteryear, today's  is a far inferior product. But taxing them? They're dear as poison anyway. Aren't they already taxed?

So leave us alone Health Bullies and Bosses. We're paying enough tax already.  If we want to eat sugar and lard and the food companies are mustard-keen to sell it to us then keep on saying so on the packet and let us make our own choices. 


Brighid said...

Down with taxes on every little thing. We're having a tea party in the states about them
and there is a great bit of thoughtfull writing in:

Nelly said...

When times are tough, and times are tough, people eat more comfort food. Ask Cadburys - their profits soar in a recession.

And the government is losing tax income elsewhere.

It won't happen though. Those food companies are far too strong to let them get away with it.

sageweb said...

Taxes on chocolate? My favorite thing? Oh how awful. Revolt!

Grannymar said...

Nelly you were lucky to have three Mars Bars a year. We only got them and Spangles when a relation came home from England as they were not available in the south of Ireland.

Who said chocolate? Now I want some!

Ronni said...

I wasn't sure what it would take to get my 60-year-old ass back out protesting, but that might just do it!

Nobody has come up with that particular bit of tomfoolery here, YET, but I'm keeping my eye on them!

PS I haven't had Spangles since 1957!

A Mars bar used to be a wonderful thing.