Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's All About Me! Me!

I have been asked by Tuesday Kid to compile a list of eight pointless things about myself. As I am going to Darkest Wales tomorrow I will comply. For I may be some time away. Don't wait up.

  1. So gently reared was I, that I had never heard the word 'fuck' uttered until I was twelve years old. I first heard it in Saint Louis Convent Grammar School, Cullybackey Road, Ballymena. By jings, my da was right when he said the nuns would give me a good education.
  2. I was seventeen and a half, and a student nurse working on a psycho-geriatric ward, when I formulated my first opinions on euthanasia. 
  3. I prefer dogs to children. Except, of course, the Young Banjos, and my own when they were younguns, and a few other well-mannered ones and, last but not least, my future grandchildren which I prefer over every creature alive.  
  4. I prefer children to guinea pigs and hamsters.
  5. I never had a perky bust. I went from having a flat chest to being the reluctant owner of a low-slung and matronly bosom. Overnight.
  6. I think Christmas is over-rated. That's when I'm feeling positive. When I'm depressed I think it puts a blight on the whole year.
  7. I'm ashamed that I once found Bono attractive.
  8. I've never been to Wales.


Rolpol said...

Same here for number 5, but it was ale that did it for me though. And although I have been to Wales I much prefer breasts. But, in my defence, I prefer Wales to Bono.

Grannymar said...

Have a whale of a time in Wales!

Nelly said...

I'm guessing Rolpol that you don't mean your own mammaries when you say you prefer breasts to Wales?

Grannymar - I'll do my best.

evilganome said...

Have a grand time in Wales. I think I may prefer hampsters and Guinea pigs to children, though I have to say one of the joys of grandchildren is winding them up and then sending them home.

I can say with a clear conscience that I have never found Bono attractive.

Tuesday Kid said...

No Nelly, not Bono, if you'd have said the drummer, that would have been okay, I suppose it wasn't the bassist though he's a mutt and a half.

sageweb said...

I think I heard Fuck for the first time at my catholic school too.
I have never been to wales, never thought Bono was a bit cute, and I prefer Dogs over kids..actually I prefer them over humans.

Nelly said...

That Bono thing was ages ago. I was only in my thirties at the time and had very little sense. I've hated him for years now.

John said...

12?!!! I'd never seen or heard the word until I started reading this blog!

Now, of course, I use it all the fucking time.