Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ooh Matron!

Matronly Woman's Hour presenter Jenni Murray, 59, informs an audience at the Hay Festival that she lost her virginity as a teenager with a 'half English, half Turkish' boyfriend to the sound of Jose Feliciano's Sixties hit Light My Fire. Far too much information! 

So writes Ephraim Hardcastle in the Daily Mail. I wonder what part of Ms Murray's disclosure exceeded the Hardcastle information threshold? Was it the ethnicity of Jenni's lover? Or was it that unfortunate soundtrack to their coupling? Or were his sensibilities offended at the very idea of a middle-aged woman having a sex life, or even the remembrance of a sex life? 

But you know what the truly shocking thing is? What the hell is Nelly doing reading the Daily Mail?


Anonymous said...
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Grannymar said...

Blame the heat!

Nelly said...

And again on Sunday Edwina Currie offended the Sunday Times sensibilities by over-informing us thus:

"Those arthritic hips put most Kama Sutra positions beyond us"

Poor Edwina! And poor Sunday Times having to think about Edwina creaking her way through sexy-time.