Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Are You Ready To Get Your Butt Kicked?

Ms Debbie Rowe, Scourge of the Paparazzi & Heroine of the Hour


craig said...

I am very much in 2 minds regarding Ms Rowe.
One minute she doesn't want anything to do with her own offspring. Then apparently, she sees the possibilities and it's all "Oh, my babies!!".
Someone smarter than she is has had a word in her ear regarding the commercial possibilities, I'm thinking.
Of course, I may be doing her a disservice.

Ronni said...

She received a very handsome settlement from Michael Jackson several years ago, and has not seen those babies since 2006. Michael wanted them to be with his mother and their nanny (who, I have heard, they call, "Mamma"). I, too, feel that Ms Debbie has her eye on the money they will be worth. It is sad, really.

I think they should be with the people they know and love, and who love them, regardless who donated the eggs or the sperm. I can see no reason to negate MJ's Will. Life is going to be tough enough for them.

Nelly said...

We shall see what happens. I don't think Debbie even wants custody - she seems like a pretty ordinary sort of woman to me (why I like her) and I believe she saw the begetting of the children as a business deal. She won't go after them. The media is putting lies into her mouth and no doubt she is being given wrongful advice by some people. Hope she doesn't take it.

Tuesday Kid said...

Do you think they bonded over a love of bad plastic surgery (cheap shot I know but it was the first thing that sprang to mind).

Anna said...

I am giving her the benefit of the doubt. I think she loved Michael and will go with his wishes, while looking out for the best interest of the kids. I really don't think she wants full custody of the kids but does care enough to make sure she has visitation rights and to assure they are not in contact with the infamous "Joe," Michael's abusive father.

Brighid said...

And here I was telling myself I would not comment,was not going to comment: Enough already, Can we get back to the real world that the rest of us live in. There are so many other things in our lives that merit our attention.

Ronni said...

Visitation? she has not seen them since 2006, and, from what I've heard, by her choice.

I hope the media has been putting words in her mouth, because I'd hate to see those children being fought over like bones.