Friday, January 22, 2010

And They Said Bert Was Unemployable

Holiday Inn Adds Human "Bed-Warmers"


The Holiday Inn in the UK has announced it has introduced a human bed-warmer service, which was described as being "a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed."

If requested, one of the staff of three different Holiday Inn locations will don an all-in-one fleece suit and slip between the sheets, ensuring that the bed is approximately 20-24 Celsius before slipping out of it again.

The Holiday Inn is launching some 3,200 new locations across the globe, and this quirky method of warming a bed is coinciding with that event.

I had to check the date when I read that and no, it's not April First. It would be a good job for Bert. He does have the experience. the only problem is he might fall asleep on the job. 


Ronni said...

What's the matter with electric blankets, for heaven's sake? I don't think I'd like the idea of another person lying in my hotel bed, fleece suit or not!

Cooties know no boundaries. Fleece is no barrier. Ew.

Anna said...

I'm with you, Ronni. Also I was wondering if this is another of one of those double standard things...I mean is it just women that lie in these beds or might one order a hunky bedwarmer? And could one pay an extra charge to keep them a little longer? You know, like to warm your feet? :-)