Monday, August 30, 2010


This evening thirty-something years ago I was as happy as ever I'd been since I left childhood behind. The reason? A little person that I'd been waiting on for quite a while. I wasn't yet twenty-one and probably didn't have the right amount of sense to be a mum. But I did have some powerful instincts and a mum of my own to help out. Matty knew when to step forward and she knew when to step back. Someone said once that it takes a village to raise a child. Well - we weren't quite a village, but there were a lot of us and we were aged from ten (Joe) to eighty (Aunt Katy). We were all needed.

Thank you to everyone who helped me raise Zoe.

Mick, Matty, Seamus, Ken, Gladys, Jean, Anne, Eamon, Tricia, Deirdre, Joe, Rosemary, Claire, Mrs Magee and Philip, John and Claire, Aunt Maud, Aunt Katy, Marie and Catherine, the McAnespies, the Byrnes, the Heffrons and if there is anyone else there that I've forgotten thank you too!


Anonymous said...

and all of those midwives, nurses n doctors u were so friendly and grateful to at the time!!!

Nelly said...

Ha ha! I was a single mum. The nurses were rotten to me - except one. I remember her.

Anonymous said...

Best love story I think I've ever read.
HBZB indeed!