Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yeah Right!!!!! Utter Rubbish

Sophie from Belfast had this to say about Victoria Beckham on the Mail Online site.

Victoria is obviously a UK size 4 or if she is a little bit heavier a size 6. She is therefore the equivalent of a US size zero. As for 'claims she does eat properly and puts her thin frame down to being a busy mother-of-three and hectic business woman.' Yeah right!!!!! That will really help with womens' self exteem. Utter rubbish.
I confess I enjoy reading the dick comments on this site. So many people getting their knickers in a twist over stuff that dinna matter. Cunning old Daily Mail reeling us in. Not all of us obviously as I'm sure the cerebrals don't look near it.

So. Anyways. It seems, according to Sophie, that women's "self exteem" hangs on the skinniness of Mrs Beckham who is only waif-like because she keeps busy-busy-busy. And doesn't eat huge quantities of chocolate and cake either I'll be bound. Ooh my "self exteem" does ache as does my tum full of birthday chocolate.

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Anna said...

Funny about American sizes. Many years ago I found quite by accident when I bought designer brand jeans that Hey, I only take a 6-8 when I had always taken a 8-10. Things have changed since. I probably take a 4-6 now even though my butt is bigger than ever.

It was recently revealed that now men sizes are doing the same. Well- known brands are sizing men's pants at 36 when they actually measure 38-39 1/2 inches.

So, people will pay extra to say or think they are a smaller size...
All is vanity - big asses and big egos, that's America, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happens here. Lots of stores do that. I bought a vintage Marks & Spencer skirt size 16 (US size 12) a while back and I reckon it was at least two sizes smaller that present day sizing.