Saturday, January 29, 2011

312 Rows

According to a snippet I came across in The Guardian, the average couple has 312 rows a year which seems an awful lot. I wonder if Nellybert are an average couple? I thought it might be interesting to keep a record of our rows. I'll start with the one we had yesterday morning. To tell the truth I was too busy to memorise the finer details as I was organising cleaning and cooking for a wee poker do we were having that night. Anyway, I forget what it was about exactly and it was more of a verbal skirmish than a row. I do remember that Bert graciously capitulated so I must have won that one.

So if we're to have 312 rows then there must be more than 53 days when we don't have one and this might, I hope be one of those days.

Two of our guests last night had a mini-row on the drive over. It was about driving. Each believes that the other is a terrible driver and that they are much superior. She is prepared to take the Advanced Driver's Test to prove her point but he is not. He thinks that the amount of little bumps and accidents she has had proves his point. We did not take a stance on it but privately I thought if she's the one drivin' and he's the one drinkin' he should STFU. I know Bert would.

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