Monday, January 17, 2011

Farfrae's Erection* and Other Matters

So this is me on the countdown to finishing at Moonchaser (anag.) I wonder if I will be very sad when the last day comes?

Today I decided that I will eat less crap, walk more and drink less alcohol. So far it has gone well. I also decided (after reading, before sleeping last night, a little chapter of St Germaine) to do much less housework. St Germaine argues that more than an hour a day is excessive. No doubt there are others who'd argue that even an hour a day is too much. We shall see how it goes.

Now that the weather is getting brighter it's easier to walk and I managed 40 minutes in Tardree forest at lunchtime. I am very happy with my current audiobook which is another Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge. How did I get to be over fifty and not read this before?

By the way, I still have another 30 minutes of housework to do, and an orange to eat.

*'Passing to and fro the Mayor beheld the unattractive exterior of Farfrae's erection...'

and earlier in the book the Mayor 'having shut the door... sat in his dining-room stiffly erect.'

As you do. The illustration shows Farfrae and Elizabeth Jane dancing under the erection


magsmcc said...

Must revisit- you make it seem so much more interesting than it did in sixth form... Word verification, btw, is coctoci- did you do this?!

Nelly said...

Not responsible for the outcome of word verification at all! What does it mean?

I think there are a lot of books that adolescents cannot appreciate and it is because they have not experienced enough disappointment.

Grannymar said...

Some quare goings on in them far off days. Are you sure you should be reading about them? ;)

Fresh Blade said...

With respect, but never mind hour of housework a day?! Is this normal, or am I a slattern?

Brighid said...

Do you have a kindle? Love mine, as I'm in the back of beyond.
I was a bit shocked to read of an erection. Thanks for the picture, it has been so long since I've seen one. Off to get a glass of wine. The cleaning can wait til whenever...

Nelly said...

I am a slattern. But it would take 15 minutes to do dishes, 30 minutes laundering and another 15 minutes tidying up. It's three dogs, one elderly lady and nine carers a day, not to mention Bert and all his chums hanging around that go a long way to messing this place up.

I don't know if I'd really like a kindle. Yet.