Sunday, January 09, 2011

Get A Grip Time

Over Christmas I usually get a dose of ostrichitis. Sounds painful doesn't it? The main symptom is sticking my head in the sand. I wonder if ostriches really do that? Now yesterday I actually did think I was going to go completely doolally when I opened a letter containing the most dreadful news, which news was a consequence of my ignoring a previous letter. Obviously this terrifying missive was from my bank. I sat there howling and sobbing for a while then Bert came in and comforted me by patting my shoulder. That's pretty good for Bert. He says it is time to declutter my life. He says if I do that I will feel much better.

So this evening I started on a pile of paper sitting on my desk. I gathered together all the paperwork I think I'll need to convince my bank not to cast me into penury. I read a sweet Christmas card from a decent cove called Peter that I'd missed seeing at the time. I discovered that Nigel the Dog Warden is going to hunt me down for not paying one of my dog licences and I realised that I still haven't renewed my passport! If anyone tries to whisk me away on a Carribean holiday then I am truly stuffed.

That's a start made anyway. I intend to continue the decluttering my life during this coming week. Watch this space!

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Anna said...

I'm a-joining you, Nelly. My mind has been cluttered lately. I had two bills to mail, both have late charges if not received by a certain date. I knew I made them out but couldn't find them. I was sure I hadn't mailed them but a search of the house, car and purse (3 times) didn't turn them up so I was forced to assume I mailed them in a fugue state. Well, today while looking in my little calendar appointment book, I found them. Thankfully, I think they will get there on time. I need to declutter my brain!

Good luck on yours, wish me luck, too.