Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good Life

Out two days running! I can hardly believe it! I am exhausted. The party on Saturday night was good. I met some new people. I behaved myself.

Then we had lunch with two old friends yesterday. The craic was, as they say, mighty. We hatched up some wonderful plans, ate some great food and drank some delicious rhubarb wine. And drank some delicious rhubarb wine. And, yet again, had more delicious rhubarb wine. I did not behave myself.

I have to confess that I spilled a lot of it in my lap as the evening wore down and that later on I admired the stars from a vantage point. That place being the broad of my back in our yard.

Oh we did hatch plans over the wine. If only a quarter of them should come to fruition there will be some changes around here. And more rhubarb. Lots more rhubarb.


grannymar said...

I hope you had a soft landing before you saw stars.... I mean before you admired the stars!

That rhubarb wine sounds like it slips down nice and easy. hic!

Nelly said...

I never even noticed the cowp although am a teeny bit stiff today. That rhubarb wine did go down easy.

Brighid said...

Sorry I don't have time to chat now...I'm on a mission to get some rhubarb wine so I can see the stars.