Monday, January 10, 2011

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

First of all a big Nelly shout out to the Halifax banking advisor who helped sort out a thorny financial issue that had been troubling me for several days. Thank you Madam - you made my week and restored my faith in prayer.

And it's been a funny sort of day. I gave in my notice at work. This is something I have been seriously considering since well before Christmas. “Give up your good job in the middle of recession!” I hear you exclaim. Believe you me that is such a Nelly thing to do. I have my reasons and they are good ones.

Still I spent the latter part of the day feeling a wee bit wistful. The new office is starting to grow on me, I work with some lovely people, it's situated in a country area with lots of pleasant walks nearby. It's close to Matty's house. I have very many good memories from my time in this employment.

But this I have learned during my working life – when it is time to go it is time to go. I usually wait until I have another job lined up, this time I haven't taken that step. Although I don't expect to be idle. There will be work for me to do.


Anonymous said...

Glad there was a helpful someone at Hanover. Angels come in all sorts of guises & when you most need them.

I'm thinking now's a good time to lighten the load, Nelly. There will always be 'jobs' and such. At the moment, and I know you know this full well as a woman of great heart & mind, Life calls.

Oh - and Birthday Emmett's a looker!

Nelly said...

Most insightful comment Anne. That lady was an angel.

And you're right too about Emmet. V. handsome boy.