Monday, April 04, 2011

No Well

Like everyone else who can I visit my mum on Mother's Day and yesterday was no exception. Just like always she was surrounded by cards and flowers and presents. Just like always the family living far away called to wish her happy Mother's Day. What was different yesterday was that Matty wasn't well enough to talk to her far away children nor was she able to take much interest in her cards or presents.

Matty has had a bit of a set back - another urinary tract infection and she couldn't get up today. The Doctor came, prescribed another course of antibiotics and said she should be feeling better in a few days.
Tricia and her little dog left this morning. Miss Macy was very excited to be going back to Kerry but my sister felt terrible about leaving. I watched her car until it was out of sight and I felt terribly sorry for her. All day the sight of Miss Macy's little basket has saddened me. I miss that little dog.

Usually when I am here I feel fine. Today I feel lost and a bit scared. But maybe Doctor's right and in just a day or two Matty will be feeling much better.


Brighid said...

Sending a big, warm hug your way. I've been down this road, and words just don't do what that girlfriend hug can.

Anonymous said...

Brighid's right. So here's another hug from me.


Ronni said...


Nelly said...

Thank you everyone. I am happy to report that Matty is feeling much brighter this morning. The wonders of modern medicine are at work again, not to mention her own amazing tenacity.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear Matty had a good response to the meds and this will be a better day.

So here's a happy hug!