Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowed In!

Snowed In......

Well. Not quite. However the weather forecast yesterday was dire enough to have Bert fretting.

How will we get to the shops?
We'll walk!
We'll wrap ourselves in huge layers of clothing and we'll strap rudimentary snow shoes to our feet. You'll fashion hiking poles for us and we'll have knapsacks on our backs and we'll schlep down to Cully through the snow.
I suppose we could do that.
And as we trudge along we can wave at all the normal people driving down in their cars.


Grannymar said...

Stay warm and crack open a bottle or two of Damson!

ganching said...

TB and I just trekked all the way to the supermarket in New Cross but we got the bus back. There is about an inch of snow.

Nelly said...

Wish I had enough Damson to do that GM. I'll have to let at least one bottle from the batch age and condition!

Gan - make sure you keep warm and dry. It is bitterly cold here but not much snow - yet! We are thankful that Pearlie is in a nice cosy nursing home at the moment. Hope it is all gone before she is released.

Mage said...

Thanks so much for the day starting laugh.