Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting Out A Bit More

I'm off on my travels again tomorrow. This time going to Hanna's Close in Kilkeel with the grandchildren and their parents. I'm getting out a bit more these days. The reason is, when I was in Vancouver I realised that putting poor old Pearlie into respite for eight weeks a year was not the best way of getting respite from our situation. She had started to hate the disruption. To tell the truth, she was not fit for the upheaval neither physically or emotionally. When I told her, back in August, that we would not be sending her to respite care any more she beamed. I said,

We think you are getting too old for it.

Her look seemed to say, You have noticed. You have caught on at last!

Since then she has been noticeably happier and she has a much sweeter disposition.

And Nellybert? We're getting out a bit more and it is great. Pearlie stays home all the time and now and again we clear off. Sometimes we even get to go together.


Brighid said...

Good for you, and it sounds like it's good for Pearlie as well. I am in awe of you!

ganching said...

Maybe you'll get as far as London.

Nelly said...

Thank you Brighid. I will Ganching. It is on the list after Kilkeel, Norfolk and Paris!

leitrim sister said...

enjoy the weekend x's

Grannymar said...

Glad the new regime is working. Enjoy your away days!

Mage said...

Is there someone there to make sure she is safe from all that wine you just bottled. So how was the trip with Martha? :)